We Can Do It

Our Management

House Cleaning is an art. Our staff was hired with this simple concept in mind.

My wife, Elsa (she is called Lupe'), started this business in 2000. She is very tidy, and every one in her family is also very tidy. She is in charge of quality control.

Every new hire works with her until they are ready to take on more reponsibility. Training is extremely important no matter how well the new hire is at cleaning.

My role is in marketing, answering the phone, and keeping the books straight. In many cases you will meet me at an In Home Quote.

My background is in business, and am called a serial entrepreneur. House Cleaning is the best business, and the most fun, that I have ever had.

When you hire us, you are in the best of hands. Every part of our business is very well planned. The people who work with us have been with us for years. Some leave for greener pasture, but I am always grateful to get that phone call from a past employee who wants to come back.

We pay well and price accordingly. In addition, we respect the people who work with us for the very fine work they do.