We Can Do It


Q: Can I use your service only occasionally?

Absolutely. Most such work is performed on an hourly basis, and can usually be arranged on short notice.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

We charge by the job based on a regular cleaning schedule. We estimate by the hour for your home. Our hourly rate ranges from $30 to $38 per hour per person. We average the time we spend in your home over the course of many months. There are times when your home needs more work as opposed to times when it is fairly easy to do.

Q: Why is there such a wide range in hourly rates?

The difficulty of the cleaning task. Ovens and tub surrounds are billed at a higher rate than dusting and vacuuming. We average the tasks with the people needed to clean your home or business.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes. We carry a regular contractor's insurance and a bond. This is a step above what is required.

Q: How do you secure my key when it's given to you?

This question is asked the most often in many round about ways. Your key is assigned a nick name and is kept in a central location with a set of keys for the day of service.

Q: Do you perform background checks on your employees?

Yes. In addition all of our employees are referred to us. Many have been with us for years.

Q: Can the same people clean my house each time?

We assign a team to your home. The members of that team may rotate according to your homes needs, but we keep a consistency to your cleaning.

Q: Can I make special requests?

Yes. Many people have things that they consider essential to cleaning their home. You can leave a note with requests, call the office, or e-mail us. E-mail is usually more effective, but we are always available to address your requests.