We Can Do It

About Us

My name is David Losh, and I would like to personally welcome you to Seattle House Cleaning.

I'm a life long resident of Seattle.

A spring Cleaning was started in 1988 with a focus on preparing properties for sale. In 2000 my wife, and I started doing regularly scheduled house cleaning under the name Seattle House Cleaning. Seattle House Cleaning out grew A Spring Cleaning, and we divided the company into two separate companies. A Spring Cleaning did one-time cleanings, and Seattle House Cleaning took on regularly schedule clients.

In 2008, we concentrated all of our efforts on regularly scheduled cleaning. We have managed the growth slowly, adding employees as needed.

When you meet with us, we discuss a strategy for your home cleaning needs and budget. Our standards have been consistently high while our pricing is set to be fair.

Based between Lake City and Wedgewood (in Meadowbrook), our office serves the Seattle area. We work on Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Wallingford, Ballard, View Ridge, Laurelhurst, Maple Leaf, and North to 145th. Our goal is to keep our over head low in order to keep our prices in line with your budget.

Everyone says they are better, so what exactly is it that makes us different from other companies?

We are personally involved with your cleaning service. You will find all of our owners on the job, and in the field. As the company grew, we grew with it.

You have many choices for house cleaning service. Our growth has been deliberately slow to stay in touch with your feed back. We take on new clients as we have a capacity for. We network with other small companies in our area to ensure you have the resource that best suits you.

We have a blog site at www.SeattleHouseCleaners.com to better network with other cleaners, and our clients.

We care, and we believe in continuous improvement. We are better this week than we were last week, and next week we'll do better yet. It really is that simple.