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We are a family owned, and operated company in business since 1988.

The original company is called A Spring Cleaning, Seattle House Cleaning was our website, and the name has caught on.

We work in teams of three at a price of $100 per hour. We have a minimum of one hour, but the second hour is broken into fifteen minute increments.

Most clients either take an hour, to hour and a half, some up to two hours. 

When you call we set a time to meet with you in your home, and find what works best for your needs.

All of the people who work with us are employees of the company. They are screened, and trained in our methods of cleaning.

We hire selectively, and the team of three approach gives a certain level of support. 

Most new clients see the difference in what we do compared to other companies. 

Call today to set up your time with us. 

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